The Dog & Cat "Hall of Fame" Gallery

We wanted to show off our Dog & Cat friend all looking totally amazing in Mabel & Mu Designer Collars and Accessories !!! 

We just love the fact that people take the time to send us amazing pictures of their amazing companions. It really means a lot to us to actually see all our hard work and creations actually where they belong....

Please do sent us your pictures as it really makes our day to see them and share them with everyone.

Annie wearing "Daisy Dot"

Monty in mabel and mu dog collar
Monty Weaing "Country Walks"

Crazy for you dog collar

"Crazy for You" Wow

Mabel in "Foxglove"

Rufus Wearing "Patch Blue"
Rufus Wearing "Patch Blue"

monty wearing mabel and mu collar
Monty Wearing "Bone Sandwich"

mabel and mu crazy for you dog collar
"Crazy for you"

Elsa in Sweetheart dog collar
Elsa in "Sweetheart"

oscar wearing dapper by mabel and mu
Oscar Wearing "Dapper"

Ollie in Spirit bow tie by mabel and mu
Ollie Wearing "Spirit"

Ollie and Penny in mabel and mu dog collars
Ollie and Penny in "Little Santa"

Nell and Poppy in mabel and mu dog collars
Nell and Poppy in "Foxglove and Molly"

little santa dog bow tie
Little Santa "Bow Tie"

Dillon wearing Country Walks dog collar
Dillon Wearing "Country Walks"

Poppy wearing mabel and mu dog collarPoppy Wearing "Poppy's Tartan"

Pippa wearing "country walks" dog collar

Pippa Wearing "Country Walks"

Molly in "Molly" 

oscar wearing foxglove by mabel and muOscar wearing "Foxglove"

Poppy wearing "Vintage Britain" dog collarPoppy wearing "Vintage Britain"

Mabel wearing "Sweetie Red" dog collar

Mabel wearing "Sweetie Red"

"Measure Up" Lead

Pretty in "Pinkie" Flower

Bertie in "Comic"

Dolly Looking fab in "Foxglove"

Blue looks dashing in "Footie Blue"

Bertie in "Dapper"

Dennis in "News"

"Rainbow" for Beautiful Lilly 

"Shipwrecked" Pombinha 

Al Capone looking fab in "Comic"

Keria looks so pretty in "Summer"

Kodak in "Spirit" Bow Tie

Rosie and Luna !!!  "Patch Red"

Footie Blue for "Louis" xx

Savvy in "Cerise Blitz"

So Pretty Girlie looks in "Pinkie 

Comic dog collar
"Comic Bandana"

News Bandana
Jessie in "News" Bandana

Rogue in cat collarRogue in "Italian Job"

our mabel in cerise blitz
Our Mabel in "Cerise Blitz"

Bertie in "Tribal" dog collar and leadBertie in "Tribal"

Bertie in news dog collar
Bertie in "News"

Bertie in crazy for you collar and leadBertie in "Crazy for you"

Our Bertie in "Tribal"

Dolly and Anya in cerise blitz dog collarsDolly and Anya in "Cerise Blitz"

Mabel & Mu "Sweetheart" Collar

Wonderful! Modelling "Sweetheart"

Sweetheart by Mabel & Mu


Comic by Mabel & Mu

Looking cool in "Comic"


Mabel & Mu

"Union" So Cute

Gardenia by Mabel & Mu

Beautiful in "Gardenia"

Country Walks by Mabel & Mu